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Too often, essential dryer maintenance is neglected. Regular upkeep encompasses more than simply cleaning the lint screen before starting a load of laundry. The condition of the dryer’s vent directly impacts equipment performance, safety, efficiency, and your budget. It’s highly recommended to have the ventilation system professionally cleaned at least once a year. Call Dormann's Heating & Cooling for prompt, affordable, and effective dryer vent cleaning services in Gloucester County & Surrounding Areas.

Expert Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Don’t overlook the warning signs. If your dryer is taking longer to do the job, this is an indication of a problem. If the clothes, dryer, or laundry room are unusually warm or have a strange odor, your dryer is not venting properly. Keep in mind that lint is highly flammable. Clothes dryers are to blame for more than 15,000 structure fires in this country each year, with 80% of those caused by obstructed dryer vents. There’s also the concern of carbon monoxide potentially backing up into the home. Make the right choice. Get in touch with Dormann's Heating & Cooling for peace of mind throughout Mickleton, Mullica Hill, Swedesboro, Wenonah, Clarksboro, Paulsboro, Washington Township, Woolwich Township, Mount Royal, & Mantua Township, NJ.

Keep your home safe with professional dryer vent cleaning!

Our highly trained experts have the experience, expertise, and specialized tools to access the entirety of the dryer vent and deliver trustworthy results. Here’s just a few reasons to take advantage of our dryer vent cleaning services:

  • Clogged dryer vents present a fire hazard
  • Blocked vents can lead to the back up of carbon monoxide
  • Longer run times use more energy and increase electric bills
  • Greater wear and tear diminishes dryer reliability and lifespan
  • Rodents and birds might be using your vent as a home

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